1. Concept

We understand your idea and the goals you want to achieve. We give you our input based on our experiences and with collective wisdom we finalize a concept.

2. Design

A clean UI is the first step to get the app successful. Our UX designers convert your idea into a prototype and then our UI designers give it an appealing look.

3. Development

This is the area of our core expertise. We provide clean code adhering to industry's best coding practices. Ensuring that our code can be reused for future enhancements.

4. Testing

Extensive test plans are being conducted on regular basis to guard against regressions.

5. Launch

It calls for a celebration when your idea is live and is available for your users. We also help you with the launch strategy.

6. Support

We don't leave you alone. We provide extensive post-launch maintenance support.

How Can We Work Together?

Fix Project

After knowing your project requirements we propose you development timeline and its cost. We mutually agree to the terms and conditions and start working on your project.

You will not have to worry about the technical side. Our engineers will handle everything to offer you a ready to use solution.

It is recommended for those who have clearly defined project specifications.

CTO as a Service

We work as your CTO to manage and source teams, helping you to make & review core technology decisions and developing the software.

We provide you dedicated full time developers who work as your remote team members. These developers work under the guidance of our experienced team leads and we charge per developer per month.

It is recommended for those startups who are looking to acheieve product/market fit through customers feedback after several iterations.

Project Management

The following collaboration tools will be part of our engagement process:

  • Bitbucket or GitHub – for code management
  • MS Project – for project management
  • Skype/Emails – for communication
Let's discuss your project